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A huge pack of handheld style pixel level tiles and background textures, all created to 8-bit handheld color palette (Gameboy style).

With dozens of tiles to work with, this pack provides everything you need to create a huge range of 8-bit themed levels. You can create castles, sprawling landscapes, sci-fi bases, islands, floating worlds, and many more levels.

Created by the art team at Super Icon; whose recent pixel games include Super Life of Pixel and PLATAGO.

Pack includes 8 different backgrounds and dozens of tiles and objects split into the following categories:

Blocks, Bricks, Bridges, Columns, Crates, Exits, Ladders, Liquid, Platforms, Special Blocks and Platforms, Switches and Spike Traps.


  • 32x32 size tiles.
  • 512x1024 and 512x512 backgrounds.
  • Included png format and example Tiled Map Editor project files.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MegaHandheldPixelPack.zip 437 kB


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What is the license for this art? Are there any limitations to its use after purchase?


You can use it in any game content however you wish, just the usual one about not reselling the art itself.

Although this is listed as 32x32 tiles, the content appears to actually be authored at 16x16 and scaled up.

This is a good thing in my case, as I need 16x16 and was worried I was going to lose detail scaling down.

To the Author: I would recommend listing this as 16x16 set (and not scaling it up the files), and then let the people buying it scale up if that's what they want. As you have it, I think you will dissapoint people expecting 32x32 pixels of detail, and people requiring 16x16 (like me) might not buy it at all.


Thanks for the reply - and yes, that is a good point. I will update the texts.